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auto locksmith services in Philadelphia

9 Sep

Leave your keys in the car? BEN Towing can open your door and get you on your way CALL 267-630-0824

we provide the fastest, most reliable service



1 Sep


When your car is in an accident or suddenly stops working IN PHILADELPHIA  you need Towing as soon as possible.  Towing providers used to be hard to find,

but now thanks to Ben Towing  that is no longer the case CALL 267-630-0824

towing service in philadelphia 267-630-0824

24 Oct

Tow truck service   Philadelphia 267-630-0824
Towing trucks are used to move vehicles from one location to  
another without having running the engine.

Towing trucks are also sometimes called “wreckers.”

The three main types of towing trucks are hook and chain, axle
cradling and flatbed. The type of towing truck you choose to use
depends on the reason for towing the vehicle, as well as other

While hook and chain towing trucks are commonly used for moving
disabled vehicles to a repair shop, or towing illegally parked
vehicles to an impound yard, flatbed towing trucks are often used
to transport vehicles longer distances.

This can be necessary when delivering a vehicle to a new owner.

The owners of cars that have broken down or will not run often call
towing companies to get their car to the shop.

Police often call towing companies to accident scenes. Some
towing companies have flatbed towing trucks and use flat bed
trucks for towing.

Some towing companies have wreckers that use winch systems to
lift and move vehicles.

Ben Towing can tow all standard-sized cars, trucks, SUVs, vans and

Call for tow 267-630-0824
IN Philadelpia

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