31 Aug


Changing your oil according to
your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation is perhaps the single most important

maintenance that you can perform to keep your vehicle running. As the
parts in your engine work together, they
create tremendous heat through
friction. Without oil, the heat would actually melt these parts together. By
having oil
in your vehicle, it keeps the moving parts of your engine
lubricated and reduces the heat. Motor oil also contains
additives to help the engine work more efficiently.
Through normal driving,
the constant heat in the engine begins to break down the oil.
Over time,
small bits of debris and dirt can get into the oil making it less slippery so
that it doesn’t protect the engine
as well.
To make sure your engine
is protected at all times, your vehicle manufacturer recommends changing the oil
and oil
filter regularly. This will keep your engine working its best
and may avoid costly repairs down the road. and tow truck

One Response to “OIL CHANGING”

  1. Oliver September 2, 2011 at 01:42 #

    Very interesting, thanks for this advice. The information is very useful

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