14 Feb

Towing Company in Philadelphia & METRO areas

Every time you ask for towing service, you will receive a professional team ready to help you and put you back on road in the shortest time you can imagine. Keep our phone number in hand
267-630-0824 Tow truck service ask for ben
Motorcycle tow truck service
We will tow you to the repair shop

Body Repair Discount & tow truck service
We will take you to open shop day or night. The best thing is if you go, with us you will get a cheaper price ON TOW

We specialize in towing services as well as auto wrecking and junk cars & TOW

Our drivers
Are trained to tow & serve you very professionally, taking the least amount of time to get the job done. We understand how it feels to wait when stranded with a vehicle, which is why our drivers work like pros, have you feel reassured and win your admiration. Most of our business comes from customer referrals and we take special care to keep your expectations our top priority
Quick Background
about Ben Towing Company Our company has been servicing Philadelphia for over 4 years and we’re still growing looking forward to helping customers

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